Each project is unique and WLA strives to set up the most appropriate team in order to maintain our high standards all through the conception, development and execution stages.

As one example of our attention to detail, all of our projects involve two independent interior designers to validate all of the key design choices at the earliest stages of each project.

Our main architectural partners in Lisbon are Matelier and ELA. Their efficient multicultural teams of Portuguese, Belgian and French architects bring an added touch to all of WLA’s Lisbon project.

Interior Designers
NoM & Wapa assist WLA Properties in the preliminary design, facade choices, layouts, common areas, flats volumes and detailing of all its projects.

Invest Lisboa
This venture between the Lisbon City Hall and Chamber of Commerce encourages ambitious and innovating projects in Lisbon.

Sustainable Engineering
Specialized engineering offices assist WLA Properties in making sure all of its projects provide comfort and energy efficiency as well as obtaining the LEED international sustainable quality label when appropriate. WLA has teamed up with Natural Works & Cazeco, based in Lisbon and in Morocco.