About WLA

High-end real estate in Lisbon

High-end projects
with a focus on design

We started our first project in Lisbon in 2014, and we currently have six projects in the city

Quality, innovation
and environment

We are specialised in high-end projects with a focus on design, quality and environment

Conception, know-how
and workmanship

WLA Properties focuses on quality, and the long-term comfort of future owners

The WLA Properties shareholders are of varied backgrounds (civil engineers, entrepreneurs, consultants working with international organisations…), but all came together because of a shared passion for all things linked to great design and the desire bring out the true potential of previously overlooked buildings.

This translates itself in the choice of projects WLA Properties decides to undertake and the way they are executed: a focus on quality, and the comfort of future owners or tenants through the choice of the most adapted technologies, quality of materials and respect for the environment.

WLA Properties is a WLA Ventures company